Emma is a large fruit variety black leather and pearls ranging from white to pink. It produces a large crop of fruit for most of the year. The fruits can be frozen successfully without destroying the taste or texture of the same in the thaw, allowing us to have fruit all year. Variety called "commercial" for his virtues.


Fruit crisp white pearls or slightly bright green with black leather.
Excellent variety of great tasting and of the highest amount of pulp with few seeds.
Wauchope is a commercial fruit with a long useful life and the chefs and restaurants prefer to use in their dishes very often.
It should be this variety for lovers of vegetable caviar.


The exceptional crunchy pearls, gives you an incredible dimension to the texture of any salad. You thought your salads were crisp before adding Crystal?. Although well suited to salads Crystal also used in desserts and many other dishes.The Crystal tree variety grows in an open manner allowing easy access for harvesting and pruning. This variety has very large fruits and may be vigorous, allowing the possibility of high yield per tree. Crystal allows the complete collection in a particular time which is easier for the farmer.