Crimson tide

Fruit of an incredible deep dark red, is the jewel in the crown of the best seafood in the world.
Crimson Tide is a very rare and complicated variety of get grafted. Is fortunate to experience the taste, it is truly to be used in a garrison of the highest quality food.
Crimson Tide is the only one compatible with all seafood, salads, desserts and drinks. It is rapidly gaining its place as a premium fingerlime.
Fruit of a compact form, blooms abundantly in spring. The fruiting period coincides with the period of Christmas, the high demand for its red fruit reaches the top ten of prices in the market.

Red Champagne

Fruit purple red skin and red beads. Pearls are juicy, appearance similar to caviar, are a pleasant surprise in salad dressings.
Apple and apricot flavor, with hints of berries and spices.
Red Champagne gives a touch of class to the plates and is the ideal complement seafood, salads, desserts and drinks.
Red Champagne is rapidly gaining its position as a premium fingerlime and constantly demonstrates its privileged place among the best commercial varieties.
Vigorous and good tolerance to mites and fungal diseases make it a great choice for large plantations.
Red Champagne is also a great variety to supply food service industries and bars and having bloom at various times of the year, allowing the supply of fruit in almost all seasons.
The shelf life of the fruit, also makes it the preferred choice for the export of fresh fruit.

Jali Red

Fruit bright pink pearls, with a dark skin color to green brown. Good taste, Jali red is a variety of high yield.


Rick's Red

Fruit bright pink pearls in a reddish-brown skin.
Great tasting Rick's red is a high-yielding variety. Delicious taste and crunchy texture, a delight to the palate. Small and less force than other tree varieties.