Pink Ice

Special fruit, slightly bitter taste and aftertaste juicy pink grapefruit, with its perfect gin cocktail or drink marriage, leave even the most veteran and understood without words, with the result.
The skin is intensely perfumed and aromatic, just awesome.
Has a high taste skin phenolics, Pink Ice is a favorite for use in a wide range of drinks and dishes. One of the first varieties marketed fingerlimes is well recognized by many chefs and bar owners.
Pink Ice is fast growing, easy pruning, harvesting and handling. With proper care, you can produce crops with higher returns, midseason flowering.

Pink Pearl

Highly aromatic fruit has been rated "superior" by chefs. The fruit is very striking, ornamental, his skin is yellow and pink. Their large size facilitates out pulp with a spoon. The crust color is pink / yellow at the point of optimum maturity and color is pink pearls and medium in size. Pink Pearl is a late-season variety, but can bear fruit throughout the year. Similar to the variety Pink Ice but smaller tree.