Australian Blood Lime

It is a hybrid fruit among Microcitrus australasica var. sanguinea and Rangpur lime. With the right conditions the tree produces red fruits of the size a kumquat, is an attractive and dense small shrub up to 2m tall has a dark glossy green foliage and new leaves Purple Leaves oval are about 25-35 mm long and 15 mm wide, with slightly jagged edges. Fruit ripening Australian Blood Lime is from December to February. Not is a fingerlime but its flavor makes it very special and its potential is still to be discovered.

Desert Lime

Desert lime, are the fruit of a citrus tree species native to Australia, citrus glauca or eremocitrus glauca.
The fruit is small but has an exceptional flavor.
Trees have interesting features of adaptation to arid areas. They are faster citrus species in the world to set fruit after flowering.
The files are tolerant to desert heat, frost, drought and salinity. Fruit was eaten by Aborigines for centuries and has been used by the new generations in sauces, jams, pickles and chutneys. Pearls are similar to those of  Microcitrus australasica.

Microcitrus Papuana

Microcitrus papuana or citrus wintersii, called Brown River finger lime is a citrus region Brown River in Papua New Guinea, the sour taste fruit is slightly elongated cylindrical and yellow. It is ideal for container growing for many years because it does not usually exceed 1.5m high.