It originated in Alstonville on the north coast of New South Wales.
A highly productive and excellent fruit variety. Its taste is very palatable and very refreshing.
A dense and high up 3-4 meters high and 2 meters wide bush. Solitary axillary spines. The leaves are simple, obovate to elliptic, glabrous. White flowers (with pink buds) about 10-15mm in diameter. Fruit a cylindrical berry, 4-12 cm long, 15-25mm in diameter, dark green skin color to black pearls pale green translucent.
Alstonville is a special selection for flavor and few seeds.
and give plenty of fruit quality, resistance and strength of leaves and branches make it very favorable for growing into something colder areas. One of the best varieties for commercial cultivation


Highly aromatic fruit has been rated "superior" by chefs. The fruit is very ornamental and attractive, with shiny black skin and cut the fruit pulp is dark green lime. It shows as well as a side dish, with pearls bursting out. The large size facilitates Collette out pulp with a spoon. The color of the bark is black / purple at their optimum ripeness and flesh color is dark yellow / green at that time. The fruit size is large. It's a late-season variety, but bears fruit throughout the year.

Judy's Everbearing

Their colors range from green to dark brown khaki and brown skin is smooth and firm.
Pearls are great between 3-6mm, light green to pink, with few seeds between them.
The taste is very aromatic, with a lemon lime flavor stimulant.
The tree is of medium to large size with dense foliage.
Judys's Everbearing produces abundant crops of fruit of high quality. The tree is most productive between summer and autumn, but you can pick fruit all year round, even in something warm winters.